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Long Jack Phillipus

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Painting by Long Jack Phillipus
147 x 123 cm, 1995. ID:HR065

Long Jack Phillipus
Long Jack

Artist: Long Jack Phillipus

Language Group: Warlpiri

Home: Papunya

Country of Story: Kalimpinpa

Date of Birth: 1932

Dreaming: Kalimpinpa, (water dreaming) kangaroo, emu

Price: SOLD

Jack Phillipus was born at Kalimpinpa, an important Rain Dreaming site north-east of Kintore. His father, who was Warlpiri, came from Parikurlangu to the north of Kalimpinpa and his mother, who was of mixed Warlpiri/Luritja descent, also came from Kalimpinpa.

Long Jack grew up in the bush west of Mount Farewell and came into Haasts Bluff settlement with his whole family as a teenager. He worked at Haasts Bluff as a timber contractor and stockman and married Georgette Napaldjarri. They have two sons, three daughters and many grandchildren.

Jack is one of the senior artists of Papunya, and was involved with the early painting movement in 1971. He has painted continuously since that time.

This painting depicts the Kalimpinpa site, the large circle a waterhole, with riverlets running to its centre. Kangaroo Dreaming is also associated with this region, and their rear tracks are shown, sometimes with front paws touching the ground, occasionally with their tails dragging.

The curved shapes are women sitting, (the track they leave on the ground) and they are gathering food after the refreshing rain, and performing ceremonial songs together.

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