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Thu - September 21, 2006

The enemies of freedom

Letter to The Australian in response to Greg Sheridan lumping people who want to celebrate the 150th year since the Eureka stockade somehow with the opposition to the purchase of Abrams tanks.

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Michael Moore's lies?

Response to a letter accusing Mike Moore of Goebbels-like propaganda.

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on children overboard

This letter was emailed to The Australian on 17th August, and refers to an editorial about John Howard's apparent lies about the 'children overboard' incident prior to the last election, and the revelations of a senior public servant that Howard was told the truth three days before the election. Although critical of Howard, the editorial refers to those opposed to the Iraqi War, including many letter writers and readers of the Australian, as the 'chattering class' and the 'moral middle class' indicating a certain contempt for its own readers.

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The Edge of Reality

Letter to The Australian, published 23/02/05, on the announcement that Australian troops will be protecting Japanese troops in Iraq.

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A letter from B.O.B.

This letter was sent to The Australian on 28th July 2004, commenting on the debacle of the letters b. o. b. written on a paper 'sick' bag on an United Air Lines flight to the U.S. causing the plane to return to Australia, because presumably terrorists will leave a message saying B. O. B. meaning "Bomb on Board" if they wish to blow up a plane.

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Democracy, U.S. style

Letter to The Australian, after its editorial described people questioning U S marine's rights to execute wounded combatants, as 'America's enemies.'...

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Letter Writer's Revenge

This Category will contain copies of letters to newspapers etc, some of which will have been published, many which will not. At least one way or another they will be published. The letter below was sent to the Mount Barker Courier, which does print my letters, and to The Australian, which never does.

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on john howard's lies

Letter to The Australian, published on 18/8/04

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Something's Fishy in the State of Canberra

John Howard's insistence of absolutely no knowledge at all about the AWB kickback scandal, reminds me of a joke the late Bobby Limb told on Adelaide TV some years ago.

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