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The Rat To Go Down With His Ship

Nothing, apart from the Howard Government winning this years election, (which is not going to happen), would disappoint me more than if John Howard had chosen not to contest it as his party's leader. For a while it seemed, he was contemplating retirement; passing the baton to his economic partner throughout his eleven year reign, treasurer Peter Costello. Fortunately Howard's hubris, along with his life-long dedication to conservatism, and his love of power, has seen him remain to fight his last fight. I didn't want him to retire, because I want to see him defeated.

Defeated is far too mild a word. I want to see Howard demoralised, crushed, shamed and humiliated. I want to see him beaten in his own seat, too shattered to publicly concede his defeat. I want him slinking off with his rodent tail between his legs to a justified oblivion. I want the commentators who will pronounce learnedly over his demise, to finally call a spade a spade, a dog a dog, and a rat a rat. I want all of his lies to be documented ruthlessly. His complicity with the bribing of Saddam Hussein, at the very time he was talking up the invasion of Iraq. His contempt for refugees fleeing Saddam's regime, as he argued for the invasion of Iraq to liberate its citizens. His total indifference to the ongoing slaughter in Iraq, so whole-heartedly supported by him and his compliant clique of passionless sycophants. His unbridled hatred of the trade union movement, his barely disguised contempt for Australia's Aboriginal people, which he masks behind a veil of equality, while espousing paternalism, a total lack of consultation, and a diagonal nod towards the legions of racists who approve of him.

No tactic is too low for Howard. His speciality lies in demonising people, particularly the hopeless. You won't see any sympathy for Iraq families who have Bush's goons crashing into their houses in the night, terrorising the occupants and dragging men away who might, or might not be guilty of defending their country. No regrets for the thousands of innocents slaughtered by the military and the mercenary in the streets, in their houses, from the air, and in the gulags. For Howard, talking tough, for whatever political benefit it may bring him, means that refugees are dehumanised, that Aboriginals are threatening to take over 80% of the country, and that trade unionists who fought for justice for the thousands of victims of the James Hardie asbestos industry, are nothing but 'union thugs'.

Nothing is more expendable for Howard, than the rights of individuals. Thus David Hicks could have rotted forever in Guantanamo Bay without charge, were it not for the political pressure brought to bear on him, finally seen as a threat to his re-election, and the only reason he acted on the issue. An Indian doctor distantly related to some terrorists in England? Never mind a complete lack of evidence, as revealed by the Keystone cops record of interview released by Mohamed Haneef's lawyer. Never mind selectively leaked and incorrect information designed to influence the Haneef case, such as his SIM card being used to detonate a bomb. Even when all of this duplicity is exposed, Howard's attack dog, Kevin Andrews, chooses to deport Dr Haneef. Why? Because he's a foreigner, because he's a muslim, because Howard sees a political advantage, and because little people with funny names don't really matter.

Perhaps Howard's greatest skill as a politician is reflected in his ability to couch his contempt for the minorities and the oppressed in language which disguises his true prejudices, while striking a chord with those he is targeting. So "We will decide who comes into this country, and the circumstances in which they come.." sounds decidedly more statesman-like than "We will march refugees off at gunpoint, lock them away for years in off-shore islands, and accuse them of throwing their children into the sea." The real John Howard showed himself, most extraordinarily, at, of all venues, a nationally televised reconciliation conference. Enraged when members of the audience turned their backs on him, principally because of his dismissal of the stolen generations report, and a refusal to say sorry for the suffering of children taken from their parents, Howard lost his temper, waved his clenched fists, and railed at the reconciliation audience in a loud and angry voice. His recent foray into Aboriginal affairs purports to have the interests of Aboriginal people at heart. This subject requires a dedicated blog of its own, but suffice to say, as John Howard has often said of himself "At least people know where I stand."

Yes we do John. Nothing could be clearer than the way you expressed yourself on that day of reconciliation, before you closed the whole reconciliation process down. May your humiliation be total, your retirement relaxed and comfortable, and may we never lay our eyes on you or your ilk again. Australia deserves better. View John Howard's reconciliation speech here.

Posted: Tue - October 23, 2007 at 12:59 PM      
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