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When will The Australian defend human rights?

Rupert Murdoch wields unprecedented power over shaping public opinion throughout the world, but even though the majority don't agree with his support for the Iraq debacle, they deserve a newspaper chain which at least defends the right of habeas corpus. On this subject, if The Australian is an example of the rest of the empire, News Ltd. is sadly derelict.

The whole sorry litany of Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, renditions, illegal wire taps and the cowardly murder of innocent families from missiles and fighter planes, ought to be enough for any newspaper worthy of the name to be screaming about the injustice of it all in their editorial pages, but not The Australian. It would be easy to assume that these subjects are not covered at all, unless one trawls through obscure back sections of the paper. Where a newspaper worth it's salt ought to be covering such issues of course, is in it's editorials. This space is just as likely to be devoted to attacking the one independent voice we do have in this country, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, partly because the ABC chooses to put more than one side of the debate on issues such as the incarceration of asylum seekers, or the justifications for the invasion of Iraq. I suspect that the editorial rantings against the ABC are somewhat more personal. ABC's Media Watch for example, has consistently exposed hypocrisy and bias in The Australian. You will never find an argument against Guantanamo Bay in the Oz editorials. You will never see any doubts about the invasion of Iraq. You will never see any questioning of the US's god given right to apply rendition and torture in editorials. You will never see advocacy for the Aboriginal side of land rights, history, stolen generations or early deaths. You will never see any criticism of the Howard Government, unless the issue has become so large, so gross, so improper, that mild criticism cannot be avoided. Howard's opponents are all 'Howard Haters' those against the debacle in Iraq are 'rabid anti war advocates' and the overwhelming evidence on global warming gets befuddled and cursory treatment. For a media empire with so much clout to have so few principles and morality is a disgrace. Given the huge capacity to shape public opinion, and to provide educated and enlightened views on all sides of the questions, it is a great pity that The Australian chooses to be so limited in its approach, and that it provides daily blogs for right wing apparatchiks. It is a bloody disgrace.
For a classic example of the atrocities committed by the US and ignored by The Australian, see this article.

Posted: Thu - September 21, 2006 at 04:37 PM      
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