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The lies about Fahrenheit 9/11

It amazes me how the lying liars, who lied their way onto the war in Iraq, in the face of the exposures by Michael Moore in his popular film Fahrenheit 9/11, resort to - you guessed it - more lies, specifically lying that Michael Moore's film is a lie: and like the lies about the reasons for going to war, the tactic is to repeat the lies, and repeat the lies and repeat the lies, until people think that their lies contain truths. Just like they lied us into war.

One can read it in the letters to editors, or hear it on talk back radio. Those in favor of the war in Iraq, and who presumably believe that the war is about WMDs, continually assert that Michael Moore's film is full of lies. While it is fair enough for the Christopher Hitchins pro war types to attack Moore's film in his articles on the basis that it leans too much one one side of the argument , that it is emotional that it is poorly made or whatever, it is not fair to label it as lies. Go to Michael Moore's website and see the counter to the accusations of lies, and more importantly, defend, if the lying liars can, the depiction of Colin Powell saying Saddam has no weapons, and Condelleza Rice saying Saddam has no weapons, then turning around and saying that he has when the administration decides to invade Iraq.

So letter writers say, with no justification or example, that the Powell or Rice statements are 'taken out of context' that it wasn't Bush who got the Saudi people he does business with out of the country, but Richard Clarke, his security adviser at the time, as if that makes the substance irrelevant. While some reviewers of the film say that Moore spares us a re-run of the 9/11 tragedy by blacking the screen out while the sound is played, the knockers insist that Moore does this because he doesn't want to admit that the tragedy happened. Well duh!

The success of Fahrenheit 9/11 can really be judged by the number of attacks on it. Every talk-back show, current affairs show on tv and radio, and newspaper column has Fahrenheit 9/11 discussion and analysis built in. Of course Moore's view is biased, in that he is launching what he sees as a justified attack on the Bush Administration, and the undoubted lies they have told. Importantly, Moore claims that his documentary is scrupulously researched, and defies anyone to find factual errors in his film. That doesn't prevent letter writers and talk-back callers from mouthing the word 'lies' without specifically proving it so. Those who might like to see what Michael Moore says about accusations of lies might like to look at his website where he deals in detail with his accusers. He also points out little pearls like,

"I'm sure glad we were able to liberate Kuwait and make it a free country!"
- Michael Moore

All wars are wars of words as much as they are wars of fire power and tactics, and for the humble seekers of truth among us, we can at least become informed, participate and get alternate views of the truth on that most powerful of weapons, the internet, where no media mogul can dominate. Indeed, with the pictures released from Abu Ghraib prison the perpetrators of the crimes utilized, unwittingly, the conveniences of the new technology to incriminate themselves. Such sweet irony. The really frustrating thing about Michael Moore, for his detractors, is that he is too big to ignore, so has to be attacked, and the more he is attacked, the more publicity he receives. There's something very comforting about that.

Posted: Thu - September 21, 2006 at 05:03 PM      
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