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It Ain't Over Till It's Over

Some time ago I wrote a blog suggesting that the point where US had lost the war in Iraq had now passed. (see Terra Firma Blogs, "The Beginning of the Beginning of the End "). It was written on the 8th August 2004. The US went on to devastate Fallujah and the killing has now risen in intensity, most of it through the unleashing of old hatreds and resentments between the Shia majority and the overthrown Sunni minority. I stand by that blog.

Two and a half years on, and nothing much has changed. Saddam Hussein was taunted on the gallows and hung by a bunch of hooded thugs chanting religious taunts, and the daily death toll exceeds by far the worst of Saddam's excesses within Iraq. Bush and his bunch of fellow criminals still think that they are on a holy crusade, and if they have their way, the war will roll on until it becomes the problem of a new administration. The village idiot will retire into the same world of pampered luxury he emerged from, and his legacy will be that of the worst president the US has ever had, with the possibility of being charged as a war criminal.
One thing which will not happen, is that apart from the messy lynching of Saddam Hussein, the US will have no great momentous moment of victory, and insofar as the Bush administration has trashed all the things which the US holds dear, it would seem to be more like a defeat. If Bush's eventual humiliation can be called a defeat though, so can the situation of everyone dragged into his idiotic venture. It seems unlikely that Iraq will ever emerge as a functioning society again, and it is more likely to be condemned to the eternal cycle of violence and degradation such as that inflicted on the Palestinians, with an equally murky and indeterminate future.
This of course, is the legacy that we, the millions who marched against Bush's bloody pointless and blind revenge, warned of. Blair, Howard, Downer and all of the ignorant bastards up to their elbows in blood do have some goals left, or at least one. Stay the course. Rather a million, two million die, than admit to any wrong, for to have to admit of their guilt would be more of a tragedy by far, than the death of a few million Iraqis. These are the people who supported the slaughter of the citizens of Lebanon last year after all. They have no shame. The beginning of the beginning of the end will continue, and there will be no victory - for anyone.

Posted: Wed - February 14, 2007 at 12:45 AM      
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